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Building Operations

As part of our Property Management program we administer the day-to-day affairs of your property. These activities include:

  • Continual on-site inspections to update our building deficiencies action item list
  • Establish and maintain preventative maintenance list
  • Implement and review all service contracts
  • Ensure building insurance policy represents full building value
  • Interface with all government entities
  • Co-ordinate refurbishment of space for all tenant improvements
  • Receive multiple estimates for all subcontract work at each building
  • Continual communication with all tenants to maintain excellent relationships
  • Proactive initiatives at each building to reduce Operating Costs (Realty Taxes, Energy Efficiency, Bulk Purchases)



Mazin Properties places the highest importance on developing and maintaining excellent relationships with all tenants in our properties. We achieve this by listening to all tenant concerns and acting to promptly address them. Tenant retention is a top priority to maximizing Owner returns on any building.

Addressing building vacancies in a timely manner is critically important to maintaining Owner returns on any building. At Mazin Properties by understanding the commercial property market dynamics we maximize rents and negotiate fair leases that protect the owner’s interest. Additionally we proactively work to maximize our relationships with the commercial Broker network to enable Owners to minimize the timeline of vacancies in their buildings.


Financial Reporting

  • Preparation of an Annual Operating Costs budget
  • Monthly Financial Accounting utilizing SAP
  • Complete Bookkeeping Services including AR, AP, Accruals, Realty Taxes, HST and Corporate Taxes
  • Year End Draft Financial Statement Preparation for accountants
  • Planning, Analysis and Debt Servicing
  • Valuation Analysis